New Album !

C-level is releasing a new studio album, with some familiar tunes. Takes from The Barn and basement demo’s take on a new life in the studio, as C-Level reenergizes them with their unique blend of mayhem punk funk. Featuring songs Buzz kill, Names/Giving Tree and Stomp.



The last couple chapters of C-Level history has definately had it's ups and downs... as a result, our official website has not recieved as much attention as it has in the past.

SO... the fact of the matter is that if you're actually on the official website rather than just the facebook page, that probably means that you're a big enough fan to know what's going on already... that doesn't mean we won't update you.

Now that the release and tour of the first album is complete, work on the second album has begun. We will be disappearing for the majority of December to return to our unnatural habitat (aka the studio). We hope to release it by Christmas 2011 so that all you jolly people can use our art as a product to buy for your family and friends during the upcoming holiday season. 

Although the first tour is technically over, will be putting on a few "intermission" shows to fill the void before the second tour begins. (hint hint: come to these shows for a glimpse at the second album).

Also we would like to point out that C-Level has now been active and successful for over a year, a huge accomplishment in our eyes, and it's all thanks to you.

Thanks for your support,



Updated demo status...

For lack of a better term (and because we don't want to go into detail about it), our demo progress has been... delayed and therefore compromised due to technical difficulties. We apologize to those fans who were looking forward to the release of said EP.

On the bright side, however, because of the complications we have decided to take a new route in bringing the music to you in cd form. This wednesday we will be re-entering the studio to record 5 other songs. Here's what you'll be hearing:

            - Skapo

            - 44

            - Saga

            - Buzz Kill

            - Open Up

These 5 songs will be brought to you in EP form, and later added to the rest of our songs to complete our first album. Again due to technical difficulties, the rest of the album, will be recorded with Cardboard Studios (Jared Schneider - producer).

Don't worry... the music will come to you in time.

Demo Progress

We will be putting the final touches on our 5 song EP this weekend... stay posted.

What you'll be hearing...

- Lucky Larkin

- Halfway There

- Names

- Wherever I Go

- Stomp